Entel HT-649 GMDSS is uncompromising GMDSS VHF transceiver with a backlit LCD screen of high readability. It is waterproof to 5m (IP68 certified), MED certified, has WheelMark feature and is designed to withstand the most demanding maritime situations.
HT-649 is the most advanced, ultra-portable GMDSS unit made by Entel.


Frequency Range 156 – 163.275MHz (HT644)
Channels INT, SAD, CAN
Channel spacing 12,5 kHz / 25 kHz
Communication Simplex / semi duplex
Antenna impedance 50 Ohm
Antenna Whip / stubby
Battery Type 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery
Current 7,4 V DC
Microphone Internal condensing microphone
Operating temperature -20 ° do +55 °
Weight 277g with battery and antenna
Size (mm) 59.5 (W) x 130 (H) x 37 (D)
W = 59.5 (62 including protrusions)
H = 130 (145 incl. Keys)
D = 37mm (41 including battery bulge)


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